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CGWR Water Cooled Chillers

CGWR Water Cooled Chillers

The CGWR Series of Water Cooled Chillers utilizes refrigerant 410A and includes models ranging in capacity from 15 to 75 tons to meet a wide range of comfort cooling and process load conditions. Each model is designed for quiet, reliable, high efficiency operation and built to withstand demanding continuous duty cycles.

At the heart of the CGWR product line are the highly efficient scroll compressor, brazed plate evaporator and shell-and tube condenser.

The integral digital controller continually optimizes unit operation, undertakes fault avoidance strategy during abnormal operating conditions, and displays operational and diagnostic information at the unit and at a remote location if needed.

All CGWR products have cleanable and serviceable shell-and-tube condensers with enhanced copper tubes for high efficiency. This makes the CGWR products suitable for open loop systems and cooling tower applications.

The 40 through 70 ton models have dual independent refrigerant circuits to eliminate 100% capacity loss in the event of a compressor failure.