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About Napps Technology

Our Vision

To be guided by Christian values and perform as faithful stewards of the time, talent and resources given to us with the purpose to honor God in all we do.

Our Mission

Create innovative and differentiated HVAC products that customers value!

Our Values

  • Teamwork- We act as a team, with each other and our customers. We help each other succeed and celebrate our wins.
  • Trust- We do what we say we will do.
  • FocusWe believe things that matter most should never be at the mercy of the things that matter least. We focus our energies on high return activities.
  • Family- We support the role that family plays in our lives. We work safely for those we care about and for those that care about us.
  • Continuous Improvement- We continuously pursue excellence in ourselves, our company and the products and services that we deliver.
  • Communication- We communicate to coordinate our actions. We actively listen in our communication to first understand, then to be understood. Communication provides the foundation to all our values.

Our Products and Facilities

NAPPS is an engineering driven manufacturer of Chillers, Water Cooled Condensing Units and Compressor Units.  With years of experience in all phases of the HVACR industry, we are committed to developing and manufacturing products that are highly efficient, reliable, serviceable and cost effective.

After each new Napps Technology product is envisioned, it is modeled using Napps Technology performance software before the design is completed and the first article is produced. Once the desired performance is realized using the modeling software, the preliminary design is finalized and the first article is produced. The first article is extensively tested in the NAPPS test facility where actual performance, throughout the full operating range, is tested and compared to the software results. When the desired performance and reliability is demonstrated, the final design is created. Then a unit with all final design features is returned to the Napps Technology test facility for onsite safety certification by the Environmental Testing Laboratory (ETL). Once complete, the unit is ready to be produced.

The Napps Technology test facility is state-of-the-art in design and capable of testing all NAPPS Liquid Chillers in accordance ASHRAE Standard 550/590 Performance Rating of Water-Chilling Packages using the Vapor Compression Cycle. To comply with this standard, the NAPPS test facility was designed to meet or exceed ASHRAE Standard 30-1995R, Method of Testing Liquid Chilling Packages with temperature and pressure instrument accuracy in compliance with ASHRAE Standard 41 Standard Methods of Measurement. Instruments calibration is traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

The performance testing does not stop after completion of the design phase!  All production chillers are also tested in our test facility before shipment to ensure quality, performance and a smooth start in the field.

NAPPS is committed to the continuing process of product development, introducing new innovative designs while meeting or exceeding complex efficiency and environmental standards.

The full line of NAPPS highly efficient commercial products are offered exclusively through the Trane Sales Offices throughout the Americas. These products range in capacity from 10 to 70 tons and include NWC Water Cooled Liquid Chillers, NCC and SCC Compressor Chillers, SWU Water Cooled Condensing Units and SCC Compressor Units.

Browse our website or contact the Trane Sales Office nearest you today to learn more about the full line of NAPPS commercial air conditioning products! 

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