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NAPPS Water Cooled Chillers

McQuay - WGZ055C Cross References to Napps Model: NWC60

CGWR Water Cooled Chillers: Model NWC60

The CGWR Series of Water Cooled Chillers utilizes refrigerant 410A and includes models ranging in capacity from 15 to 75 tons to meet a wide range of comfort cooling and process load conditions.


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NAPPS is an engineering driven manufacturer of highly efficient Liquid Chillers, Water Cooled Condensing Units and Compressor Units. With more than 50 years of experience in all phases of the HVACR industry we are committed to developing and manufacturing products that are highly efficient, reliable, serviceable and cost effective.

The full line of NAPPS highly efficient commercial products are offered exclusively through the Trane Sales Offices throughout the Americas. These products range in capacity from 10 to 70 tons and include NWC Water Cooled Liquid Chillers, NCC and SCC Compressor Chillers, SWU Water Cooled Condensing Units and SCC Compressor Units. Cross Reference other models.

This cross reference is for general use only and does not attempt to identify Napps products with identical operating characteristics or performance. Once potential Napps matches are identified, one should go to the Products tab to determine suitability of the Napps product.


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